Little Winter

About ordering

Vinyls/merchandise will be shipped in appropriate packaging shorty after ordering. 

Shipping will mainly be done through DAO or PostNord (untracked) depending on your location. 

Shipping price/country (tracked = t, not tracked = nt):

Danmark: Kr. 40 (t)

Sverige: Kr. 65 (t)

Norway: Kr. 89 (nt)

Germany: Kr. 65 (t)

Great Britain: Kr. 79 (t)

Finland: Kr. 89 (t)

France: Kr. 99 (t)

Argentina: Kr. 89 (nt)

Australia: Kr 89 (nt)

Austria: Kr. 99 (t)

Belgium: Kr. 79 (t)

Canada: Kr. 89 (nt)

Czech Republic: Kr. 99 (t)

Estonia: Kr. 109 (t)

Hungary: Kr. 109 (t)

Spain: Kr. 79 (t)

Greece: Kr. 109 (t)

Ireland: Kr. 109 (t)

Italy: Kr. 89 (t)

Lithuania: Kr. 109 (t)

Luxembourg: Kr. 89 (t)

Latvia: Kr. 109 (t) 

Netherlands: Kr. 79 (t)

Poland: Kr. 99 (t)

Portugal: Kr. 79 (t)

Romania: Kr. 109 (t)

Slovenia: 109 (t)

Slovakia: Kr. 109 (t) 

Switzerland: Kr. 89 (nt) 

USA: Kr. 89 (nt)

New Zealand: Kr. 89 (nt)

If your country is not on the list, hit us with an email and we'll figure something out :-)

For returns or further questions, please use the "Contact" tab or write us at and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Hope you'll enjoy our music

All the best